Video CD-Rom

Benefits of our CD-Rom course

  • Audio visual presentation with user friendly menus
  • 12 points delivered in Learning Category 3
  • Simple & easy to complete
  • Presented in chapter format
  • Assessment completed during presentation
  • Video CD-Rom
    • Quick & easy to complete
    • Audio visual presentation
    • Complete in your own time
    • Interactive format

Optimise¬†–¬†Refine your knowledge

About the Course

This course is designed to build on your existing knowledge base while keeping you up to date with current issues & relevant compliance matters that affect you in your day to day agency practice.

Key Elements of the course include:

  • New laws & legislation updates
  • Current compliance issues & action points
  • Sales & property management Compliance
  • Tools & techniques to prepare you for an agency audit

During this course we focus on providing you with a clear action list of items and activities you can use to get started in this challenging area of compliance.

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