Supervision Guidelines

Supervision guidelines are mandatory for all real estate agencies. In accordance with Section 32 of the Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 all licensees must properly supervise the business.

Real Coach can offer a ready made solution that will ensure  your agency complies with the government regulation. These guidelines include policies, procedures and checklists to assist licensees in meeting and maintaining this obligation. Penalties apply for non-compliance and range from $11,000 to $22,000.


Supervision Guidelines manual contains:

Real Coach has developed a 3 folder system to provide for easy implementation and compliance with this government requirement.

Procedures & Checklists
  • Banking/trust accounting
  • Advertising, marketing and promotional material
  • Conflicts of interest and disclosure
  • Sections 47 & 49
  • Estimated selling price guideline
  • Financial & investment advice
  • Employment questions
  • Sales files
Complaints Folder - Financial
  • Procedures for financial complaints
  • Complaints register
  • Correspondence register
Complaints Folder - Non Financial
  • Complaints Folder – Non Financial
  • Procedures for non-financial complaints
  • Compliant register
  • Correspondence registers
  • Supervision Guidelines
    • Ready made folders
    • contains policies, procedures & checklists

    • 3 folders & CD-Rom

Download an Information Guide

 Supervision Guidelines Information Guide