NSW Property Reforms

In December 2019, the NSW Government announced major reforms to the property industry. It is important that all individuals become aware of all the details that surround the reforms prior to the 23rd March 2020.

It is not too late to make some changes to your personal circumstances and reduce the impact the reforms will have on you.

Please call 1300 380 800 or email accreditation@raywhite.com to discuss your personal circumstances

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Understanding the Reforms (Overview)

Length –  3.22 mins

This is a general overview to assist you with understanding the new reforms and how they will affect you. The new reforms will be commencing on 23rd March 2020

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The Three (3) levels of Accreditation

Length –  0.51 sec

We will look at the 3 levels of accreditation for: Assistant agent (formally a Certificate of registration holder, Class 2 (formally known as a licensed real estate agent), and Class 1 (formally known as the licensee in charge)

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Education Professional Pathway

Length –  2.01 mins

This is an outline of the required professional education pathway consisting of 3 core elements. We look at how this will affect assistant agent, Class 1 and Class 2 holders.

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Changes to the CPD Program

Length –  2.35mins

We have outlined the changes for CPD and how it will affect you. CPD is now moving from a points based system to hours based. You will see how it is applicable to an assistant agent, Class 1 and Class 2 holder.

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CPD Transition Period 2019-2020

Length –  3.03mins

We look at the information relating to the new CPD year and how it will affect you as an assistant agent, Class 1 and Class 2 holders.

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Updating your Agency Information

Length –  1.50mins

In this video we will look at updates that need to be made to ensure your agency is not misleading people, mainly related to job titles

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Restricted Activities

Length – 3.49 mins

We discuss the restricted changes that will affect assistant agent, Class 1 and Class 2 holders. We look at how you will be impacted by these restrictions

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Corporation/Business Licensing Changes

Length –  5.11 mins

We outline the new model reflecting the major change from our current system. We discuss how agencies operate relating to licenses, licensee in charge & corporation licenses. 

We provide an overview where only 1 licensee (Class 1) is specified per corporation, and how that person is unable to be the licensee of any other corporation.

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Changes to Trust Accounts

Length –  2.52 mins

We discuss and break down the three important changes that affect trust accounts. We go through what is required for a current certificate of registration holder, a current licensee holder and if you are a current licensee in charger holder.

Want to Upgrade to a Licence Prior to the Reforms

We have the last two licensing seminars with limited spaces available prior to the 23rd March 2020 reforms commencement. 

Our 6 Day seminar programs are designed to assist experienced agents complete their licensing course. Our courses are either held one day a week over either a six week period or two days per week over a three week period.


Each day is compulsory and there is some homework for you to do. By completing one day per week, this allows you to complete any assessments between sessions and submit them before the next class.

One Day Week (Over 6 Weeks)
Location: Homebush 
Session 1 – 3rd February 2020 (Monday)
Session 2 – 10th February 2020 (Monday)
Session 3 – 17th February 2020 (Monday)
Session 4 – 24th February 2020 (Monday)
Session 5 – 2nd March 2020 (Monday)
Session 6 – 9th March 2020 (Monday)

Limited spaces are available 

Two Days Week (Over 3 Weeks)
Location: Sydney CBD
Session 1 – 11th February 2020 (Tuesday)
Session 2 – 12th February 2020 (Wednesday)
Session 3 – 25th February 2020 (Tuesday)
Session 4 – 26th February 2020 (Wednesday)
Session 5 – 3rd March 2020 (Tuesday)
Session 6 – 4th March 2020 (Wednesday)

Limited spaces are available 


We realise the reforms will have a massive impact on everyone in the property industry. We are experts in this area, and welcome you to reach out to discuss your unique questions

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