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Supervision Guidelines (NSW)

Ray White Accreditation is powered by Real Coach  and has been providing compliance ready made Supervision Guidelines manuals since the government introduction in 2005.

We have just launched the 2020 version to comply to the new rules.

Our manuals include all the policies, procedures and checklists to ensure you comply to NSW Fair Trading Supervision Guidelines for Real Estate Agencies.

These have all been designed to assist licensees in meeting and maintaining their legal obligations.

Real Estate Supervision Guidelines NSW

Real Coach offers a simple solution for your agency to comply with Supervision Guidelines.

Section 32 of the Property Stock & Business Agents Act 2002 requires that a licensee must properly supervise the business. The Commissioner for Fair Trading from time to time may issue guidelines as to what constitutes proper supervision by the licensee. In 2005 the Commissioner for Fair Trading notifed all licensees of a new obligation, to develop and implement specific supervision guidelines to comply with Section 32 of the Act. This requirement came into force on the 1st of March 2005. Penalties for non compliance range from $11,000 to $22,000.

In March 2020 at the same time as the property reforms, NSW Fair Trading made huge changes to what constitutes proper supervision. 

Real Coach have now launched new manuals that completely change the previous ones available. 

Contact us to order your Supervision Manuals today!

Our manual include:

The Supervision Manual Procedures & Checklists for:

  • Licensee in Charge Declarations, Appointments,  and Registers.
  • Staff Operational Procedures & Acknowledgements.
  • Trust Accounting Procedures, Registers & Forms.
  • Identification checks for the purposes of fraud prevention.
  • Agency Agreements Authorities
  • Sale of residential property – selling price and other representations
  • Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Material
  • Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure
  • Sections 47 & 49
  • Complaint Handling
  • Employee Supervision Registers
  • Gifts & Benefits Register
  • Sales Files Checklist

2020 Supervision Manual + Digital Companion

$ 475
  • Each Corporation must have their own licensed version of the Supervision Manual which is unique to them.
  • Your Supervision Manual will be watermarked with Corporation Details
  • One Printed Folder with all procedures & forms for display in the office
  • A digital companion accessible via secure digital portal
  • Contains policies and procedures checklists

The Licensing & Number of Supervision Manuals has Changed – The New Real Coach Supervision Guidelines for 2020 has now changed the way we handle and issue you supervision manuals.  As NSW Fair Trading have now adopted a licensing approach related to each corporation separately, not focusing on each geographic location of multiple offices. Therefore our 2020 Supervision Guideline Manual is now specific to one corporation and if you have more than one corporation you will need to purchase additional manuals for each corporation you operate.   Supervision Manual & Digital Companion is licensed and issued per corporation and is watermarked with the details at purchase and this is unable to be reallocated or transfered.. 


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