CPD 2019 – Navigating the Current Market (NCM) (Online)


CPD Navigating the Current Market (NCM) Online

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CPD 2019 – Navigating the Current Market (NCM) (Online)

About the Course

Our new CPD course is called “Navigating the Current Market”.

It focuses on helping individuals and agencies understand how to adapt to the new market while complying with all industry and compliance requirements. We have broken down the real estate transaction into five stages from pre/prospecting all the way through to post/ongoing as part of the client journey. This course not only updates you with the current changes that are new; we help to identify the parts of the processes that have been left behind. This is to ensure that you have a framework to follow which will cover both the sales and property management areas.

This course is designed for Sales, Property Management & Administration industry participants.

The Course covers 12 Points of CPD, delivered in learning category 3, ensuring you complete your obligation in one go.

Enrol today to enhance your compliance knowledge.

  • Completed in 4 hours
  • 12 points in Learning Category 3
  • Assessment completed during course
  • Simple and easy to complete
  • Satisfies both Certificate and Licence holders for all renewals


  • Audio Visual Presentation
  • Complete 24/7
  • Simple & Easy to Use


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